How we are planning playgronds and what we do before the playground is send to manufacture. There are many steps, and here we want to show you some of them.

What we do?

How our preparation works?

The most important is the analysis of the area / environment as well as the wishes and ideas of the client
During specification of the project plans we offer our clients three options.


The choice of ready-made elements that you can see on our web page, that we can immediately send the finished technical (CAD) drawings, which you can immediately apply to your construction project.


Creating new, original  themed playground. Here it’s important to specify your budget and represents playground. After signing the contract we create sketches, visualization and we put technical drawings to production.


The combination of the first and second point.

Colored finish kid’s playground is negotiable and we can prepare it to your specifications.



The plan of each course starts with a hand-drawn drawing from our designer, who creates a basic sketch of all elements. After its approval, a 3D model of the playground with the exact dimensions on the basis of which the playground is manufactured is developed.

3D model

Final product

We are working on