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We know that kids love when the playground offers more than just one entertainment activity, and therefore we do not choose only one choice of game set. A wide variety of play sets brings many various opportunities to have fun.

Robinia wood from which we make our play sets, brings them not only extreme durability, but also an attractive appearance.Playing on this course brings children even mythical feelings.Game sets can be combined according to your ideas. It is up to you whether you choose to connect tower with a climbing wall and swings, or whether you prefer houses connected by movable bridges.

The combinations are endless, and we let your imagination decide. We will try to implement every idea which you come up with.



Our company uses the best materials. That is why we provide unusual 20-year guarantee on parts made of robinia wood, 5-year guarantee on the supporting structures and legal guarantees according to law to other game elements.

Game sets from robinia wood are among the best products of its kind

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