Yugo 3 (Wheelchair roundabout for 3 disabled children)

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Wheelchair roundabout designed for 3 disabled children. Roundabout can accommodate, 3 wheelchair users or 6 persons without a wheelchair (on three double seats) at the same time. Each person inside
roundabout can move or stop it using a round circle in the middle of the
roundabout. Playground device has three gates.

A special protection system is mounted inside carousel to provide the
most secure way to use the product. The carousel won’t start with open
gates. It is possible to move the carousel once the gates are closed. It
is possible to open gates from inside by using one of
the red handles which are located next to gates.

The roundabout includes centrifugal brake system which ensures
that device is not moving too fast and is therefore safe for wheelchair users. Color of construction is grey,
color of seats is black, color of gates is red.

Wheelchair roundabout is made of galvanized steel and is powder painted.

Additional information

Weight 0.00 kg
Dimensions 247.00 × 247.00 × 79.00 cm