Sweet house

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The “Sweet house” is a product with a higher price, but it is a unique imitation of a fairy tale gingerbread house with all the details. For example, notice the gingerbread roof, where each of the approximately 180 shingles had to be hand carved, hand painted and hand decorated. Can you imagine the hundreds of hours of human work of our wood carvers? But they like it, because they love this job! The impression is multiplied by a number of wooden decorations – wooden, hand painted colorful flowers, hand carved wooden raven and a colored ladder. There is even a lantern under the apex of the roof, which (in the fairy tale) helped children who were lost in the wood, to find the way to the house.

Underneath the gingerbread house there is a wooden cage. According to a fairy tale, the gingerbread house belonged to a witch (but she is not in the house of course, as she went to visit her witch friends). The product also
includes a slide. The house can be combined with a zip wire (not included) – a very important element, which allows children to quickly escape – just in case the witch would like to return. Without it, it just wouldn’t be it!

All wooden elements are made of weather-resistant, sap-wood free robinia wood. But admit, wouldn’t you like to play with the kids there, too?

This product is custom-made. It will be entered into production only after it has been ordered and paid. When ordering the product, it is necessary to expect a delivery time of 4 – 6 months.

Robinia wood (black locust) is harder than oak wood and is also more weather-resistant. Unlike cheap spruce wood, sap-wood free robinia wood does not produce chips and holds up to 10 times longer in exterior. Based on many years of experience with robinia wood, we use only high quality stainless steel fasteners for joining. This prevents the rust from leaking out of the joints after a few years or the joint breaking, which can easily happen when using “only”
galvanized or galvanized fasteners. From our experience we know that non-stainless steel fasteners will not last long in robinia wood.

Additional information

Weight 2500.00 kg
Dimensions 2250.00 × 500.00 × 400.00 cm