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The Smurfs game set is an alternative version of our Chip and Dale game set. It consists of two wooden towers (of a different height) connected by a wooden bridge. However, unlike Chip and Dale the set has 2 slides. The element is complemented by a sloping square cable network and is characterized by distinctive green roofs that fit into nature. Their fairy-tale appearance enhances children imagination and imagination. The element is made of hard and durable robinia (black locust) wood. The advantage of this element is that the platform height from the ground does not exceed 1m and therefore, in terms of European safety standards, there is no need to build an impact zone.

This product is custom-made. It will be entered into production only after it has been ordered and paid. When ordering the product, it is necessary to expect a delivery time of 4 – 6 months.

Robinia wood (black locust) is harder than oak wood and is also more weather-resistant. Unlike cheap spruce wood, sap-wood free robinia wood does not produce chips and holds up to 10 times longer in exterior. Based on many years of experience with robinia wood, we use only high quality stainless steel fasteners for joining.
This prevents the rust from leaking out of the joints after a few years
or the joint breaking, which can easily happen when using “only”
galvanized or galvanized fasteners. From our experience we know that
non-stainless steel fasteners will not last long in robinia wood.

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Weight 0.00 kg
Dimensions 1050.00 × 300.00 × 400.00 cm