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The play tower Grimhilde is a witch’s style house made of robinia (black locust) hardwood. The tower consists of 5 robinia sap-wood free logs and the roof also consists of 5 side walls. Under the tower platform there is a “cage” where children can try for a moment what it is like to be trapped by a witch. Luckily, the witch is not at home as she went out to visit her witch friends, but in case you see her, an attached slide can be used to quickly escape from the witch house.

This product is custom-made. It will be entered into production only after it has been ordered and paid. When ordering the product, it is necessary to expect a delivery time of 4 – 6 months.

Additional information

Weight 1000.00 kg
Dimensions 450.00 × 200.00 × 500.00 cm