Frozen climbing frame

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A climbing wall is likely to be found on almost every playground, but you only hardly can find a playground with the climbing wall Frozen! So, if you are a fan of this world-wide popular fairy tale and want your playground to attract children like a “magnet”, you will not find a more suitable climbing wall! Let you children to immerse into a fantasy world.

If you have a budget for that, we recommend to order the whole Frozen game set, which you can also find in our product list between the game sets. It will complement the Frozen climbing wall with several other elements designed in the same theme – a swing, a slide, a wooden tower and vertical ladder with handles. All elements are made of robinia (black locust) hardwood.

This product is custom-made. It will be entered into production only
after it has been ordered and paid. When ordering the product, it is
necessary to expect a delivery time of 4 – 6 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 150.00 kg
Dimensions 300.00 × 30.00 × 200.00 cm