Duke Ightorn

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The game set Duke Ightorn consists of two side and two (smaller) central turrets connected by platforms at different heights and a movable wooden bridge. Each of the outer turrets is finished with a slide and the whole game set resembles castle walls. Children like to play siege in it because they feel like in a medieval castle. The different heights of both parts allow children to split into two groups, which only intensifies the game of conquering the castle. The slide in each part of the assembly provides an escape route for those who were defeated in the battle for the castle.

The set is made of sap-wood free robinia wood.


This product is custom-made. It will be entered into production only after it has been ordered and paid. When ordering the product, it is necessary to expect a delivery time of 4 – 6 months.

Additional information

Weight 1800.00 kg
Dimensions 1100.00 × 450.00 × 400.00 cm