Xperiamus Playgrounds

Xperiamus playgrounds are unique type of playgrounds hand manufactured from high quality robinia pseudoacacia wood. All playgrounds are custom-made


All playgrounds are completed with hand carved wooden figures such as animals

Robinia wood

All our playgrounds are made from robinia pseudoacacia wood with great durability

Themed playgrounds

We are one of the biggest pruducer of themed playgrounds in middle Europe.


We have more than 10 years of experience

XPERIAMUS‘ primary goal is to create playgrounds where the children and adults having fun and practicing together.The second objective is to create a quality and design so that we could tour the world and have fun with this wonderful job.


Our main goal

XPERIAMUS Ltd. are trying to connect people with aesthetic talents who mutually cooperate in the creation of themed playgrounds. Our team consists of experienced carvers, artistic painters, architects, as well as excellent technical engineers, who in collaboration with an experienced team of carpenters, guaranteeing quality of processing and realization for your child’s playground.

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Michal Hönsch, PhD.

Sales manager

+421 905 522 133

Xperiamus, Ltd.

Karpatske Namestie 10A, Bratislava, Slovakia
Monday-Friday: 8am - 4pm

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